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Custom Trim and Molding

Millwork in Louisiana

Traditionally, “Millworks” is anything that is passed through a machine to bring to a finished product normally out of wood. For us, it means custom trim profiles, flexible molding, and MDF materials that make sure you have a great product that meets your needs and adds to the overall design of your home. It includes cabinets, shelving, or anything that is set to fit in a specific space. If it’s just regular work, it’s considered furniture. Millwork does not include flooring, ceilings, or siding. Our millwork comes from woods such as pine, oak, fir, poplar, hickory, maple, and more. There’s no limit to the types of materials we can work with to serve you. After milling, the wood can be stained or painted, and only needs nails, screws, or other adhesives to install. These convenient pieces of custom work will make your home pop with beauty and really make a statement. If you have a vision that involves custom millwork, contact Superior WDM today.

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Exactly What You Need

What Is a Mill?

A mill is a machine that uses a rotary device to cut wood. It’s used primarily to cut wood into manageable lengths of timber that a carpenter can then make into projects like crown molding and cabinets. Using precise calculations, the wood is run through the mill to craft pieces that will go on to become beautiful pieces for your home. Specifically, at Superior WDM, our work is for built-in projects that need absolutely perfect dimensions to create you exactly what you need.

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Who We Work With

Companies We Use

Wooden projects created through a mill from us are always in high-quality, superior design and structure. We take pride in selecting companies that provide millwork we’d display in our own homes. Companies like Southwest Moulding has over 70 years of providing unparalleled service in quality and craftsmanship. Their crown molding expertise has made them a staple in the southern states by milling beautiful works of art for homeowners to enjoy.

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We Work With You

Custom-Made Designs

Because of the nature of millwork, it tends to be more costly than other casework or custom construction. The rule of thumb is that millwork costs two or three times as much as the materials required to create your piece. At Superior WDM, we do things a little differently. We want to create the perfect molding or trim profiles for you without taking a chunk out of your wallet or home-rebuilding budget. We’ll work together with you and your designs to come up with a perfect solution that we all agree on before any custom milling starts.

Make a Statement

Massive Curb Appeal

Not only does custom millwork for your home make a statement, but it greatly increases its curb appeal and resale value. If you are building a home and decide you need millwork done, consider it an investment opportunity rather than a bite out of your budget. Millwork lasts for years if properly cared for, and always remains a focal point for potential home-buyers to marvel at.

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